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Doctoral College

Supervisor PGR Training

The Doctoral College provides training for new and experienced PGR supervisors at Queen Mary. The below information details what training is available to those new to PGR supervision as well as faculty-specific refresher training for experience PGR supervisors. 

New PGR Supervisor Training

This new PGR supervisor’s training is designed for supervisors who have not yet supervised a PGR student at Queen Mary, and must be completed before becoming a first supervisor. You can access the training via QMPlus.

The training is developed using the UKCGE Good Supervisory Practice Framework and is designed to:

  • Support you in supporting your research students and in your career development.
  • Begin the process of considering what kind of supervisor you are or will be, how to be a good supervisor, and the kinds of challenges you may encounter.
  • Introduce you to the Queen Mary rules and regulations relating to PGR matters.
  • Introduce you to the different professional services that work with PGR students.
  • Support you, your school/institute, and Queen Mary in meeting our statutory and external regulatory requirements, and to meet the requirements of research funding bodies.

This training is delivered asynchronously through short modules that are designed to take approximately 10 minutes each to work through. You can complete these in any order you like, and you can dip in and out of them as necessary (ie, you do not have to complete them in one sitting).

The modules contain questions to help you think about your own experience and expectations, and quiz questions throughout. A successful pass rate of 80% is required for the quiz questions in order to complete the training.

PGR Supervisor Update Training

Supervisor Update Training is for those who have previously completed New Supervisor Training as well as experienced supervisors who have supervised doctoral degrees to completion. Supervisor Update Training be completed every 2 years. 

Supervisor update training now takes places online: Academic staff who require training for Supervisor Update Training should access the QMPlus area and self-enrol to the course if not already enrolled. Once enrolled, staff can complete the training in self-study at their convenience. 

Staff are required to read and complete the items in Workshop 1 displayed on the QMPlus section 'Supervisor Update Training'.

The training will cover:

  • Regulations updates
  • Giving excellent feedback
  • The PhD cycle, including interruptions and extensions guidance

Staff are then required to complete the Supervisor Update Training Quiz - 80% is considered a pass mark.  All completed quiz attempts will be logged. All results above the pass mark will then be logged as training completed and participants will be issued with a training certificate. This will be processed once a month.

Staff are expected to complete only one of these training section at a time. It is not mandatory to complete both trainings. 

For any queries regarding any of these courses please contact us on 

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