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Doctoral College

Terms and Conditions (for participants)

1. Know what you are registering for. Please read the description of the session, the learning outcomes, and any other key information, including what to prepare and house rules for the session, if applicable. This will help you ensure that the content of the session is useful for you.

2. Be ready to participate. As a PGR student, you need to engage actively in your learning and workshops run through the Doctoral College are designed to be highly participatory. This lets you practise and receive feedback on what you are learning. Your facilitator will give you specific instructions on what to discuss and how to participate in the activities.

2.1 If online via Zoom: you will need to have your camera on and you will likely need to work in breakout rooms with your PGR colleagues.

2.2 If in-person: you will likely need to work in small groups with your PGR colleagues.

2.3 You will need to bring something to write with! You can take notes in whatever way works for you, and please also bring a pen or pencil for group work.

3. Keep track of your session bookings. Add them to your calendar with reminders so you remember to attend.

3.1 If you register and are unable to attend, please cancel your booking. This allows participants on the waiting list to attend and ensures the Doctoral College and the facilitators have an accurate representation of who is attending.

3.2 If you know you you cannot attend beforehand, please do not register! Sessions can become oversubscribed and want to ensure that everyone registering is able to attend. 

4. Arrive promptly. Take note of the start time and arrive on time for your session.

4.1 If online via Zoom: make sure your Zoom platform is up-to-date before joining and ensure you are signed in with your Queen Mary Zoom account.

4.1.1 If Zoom does not automatically update when it is launched, open your Zoom app, click on your profile picture and select 'check for updates'. If there is a recent update available click on this and let the app update.

4.2 If in-person: make sure you know where the building and room are. If unsure, you can consult the campus map and/or scope out the location ahead of time.

5. Respect the facilitator.

5.1 If you are unable to attend last minute and not able to cancel via the CPD Training system, please email to let us know.

5.1.1 If you attend less than 50% of a session’s run-time, you will not be counted as present and the session and the skills points will not be added to your training and development portfolio.

5.2 Allow the facilitator to speak and allow them to manage the room. Ask questions and contribute to discussions respectfully.

6. Respect the other participants. Allow people time to ask questions and discuss without interrupting. Keep any personal or confidential discussions within the session – do not repeat what someone else has shared in a session outside of that session, unless they have given you explicit permission to do so.

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