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student network of radiation researchers

To any students researching radiation/radiotherapy at QMUL,
We are 5 Radiation PhD students, based across London universities and Cambridge and we are really keen to set up a network of early career researchers working in Radiation across the UK.

We organised a small student networking event in March and would really like to build on this by setting up some regular events and seminar series for us all to get together either virtually or in person.


Some of our ideas are:

  • 'Radiation for Dummies' seminar series where we have short talks on various radiation related topics by students for students. We know that we all come into radiation from very different backgrounds and we hope this will help us to all understand all the various aspects of radiation from the physics to the biological effects and the clinical uses.
  • Coffee and connect sessions: informal zoom chats with another PhD student to discuss your work and anything else you might want to chat about.
  • Science, careers and networking events: talks by invited speakers and short presentations by PhD students on their projects.

We hope this will allow us all to get to know each other, potentially set up collaborations and result in a strong network of early career radiation researchers that will benefit us all in our future careers!
If you are interested in joining in with these events and would like to be added to our mailing list please fill out the form below: We look forward to seeing you at future events! 

Additionally, we have created a Facebook group if you want to join as we thought it would help us to keep in contact and share talks/events etc. 
Please get in touch if you have any other ideas!
Best wishes,

Sophie, Kerstin, Ceilidh, Ines and Rebecca 



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