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Doctoral College

PhD research placements at the British Library

The British Library PhD research placement scheme supports the professional development of researchers for future career paths both within and outside academia.

The British Library host a range of projects each year, both based in our specialist curatorial teams and in areas such as research engagement, digital scholarship, corporate affairs and public policy. Find out more about past research placement projects on the British Library webpage.

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Current opportunities

The British Library run an annual call for applications, inviting PhD researchers to apply to undertake any of our selected research placement projects. The successful candidate is selected through a written application process and interview, and a project start date is then agreed with the supervisor.

The broad scope and areas of the research placement projects is set in advance by the Library. In this way, the placement scheme reflects our current strategic priorities, ensuring placements make a meaningful contribution to our core work and purposes. A project profile for each research placement lists the expected tasks and outcomes, the training and experience expected to be gained by student, and any required knowledge or skills. Each project provides significant ownership responsibilities and opportunities for professional and personal development.

The next round of placement opportunities will be advertised in November 2020. Further information will be published on the British Library webpage.



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