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NeuroInsight: MSCA Postdoc-level Fellowships (Ireland)

New scheme based in Ireland with funding for postdoc-level career development fellowships, at least 33 over the next 5 years, on the topic of “Advanced Skills for Data Analytics in Neurological Diseases” now open to research proposals under the themes of data analytics, machine learning, bioinformatics, imaging, healthcare systems, genomics and neurological disorder.

Application deadline 19th January 2022

NeuroInsight MSCA Fellowship funding Call 2022 advert

First call for proposals is open now seeking applicants for 2-year fellowships to start next Summer, with a submission deadline of 19th January 2022. I would be grateful if you can publicise this to any suitable locations. If you have any questions about the programme don’t hesitate to ask.

Funding opportunity: 

All call background, documents and how to apply: 

Twitter: @NeuroInsightEU 



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