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Icebreaker with Lily Freeman-Jones (Postgraduate Engagement Assistant)

Lily is a 4th-year PhD student in English, currently exploring the portrayal of human and animal skin in early modern drama (Shakespeare's era). Her research delves into the sensory experience of attending a play in 1600, examining language, stage properties, and the impact of actors' and audiences' living skins. Highlighting animal skin as a symbol of human difference—addressing race, gender, and social status. Lily also leads Postgraduate Engagement at Queen Mary, fostering community through events.

PGR Engagement Assistant - Lily Freeman-Jones

Q: How does your role fit into wider SU objectives/goals re: PGRs?
A: My role is part of an ongoing effort to make the SU work better for postgraduate students across our multiple sites; to be a friendly point of contact for those students and to represent their concerns (such as funding or housing); as well as building communities and connecting our students with one another at Queen Mary.
Q: What are you most excited about this role?
A: Within my role, I am most excited about actually meeting more postgraduate students at Queen Mary. There is such an amazing range of students and experiences and it will be lovely to meet people in disciplines and Schools very different to my own, as well as to support them to make their experience here the best it can be.
Q: What is your favorite place in London?
A: My favorite place in London has got to be the Tower of London, with its ancient stone walls, centuries-old graffiti, and flock of (real!) ravens. I find it amazing to go there and imagine William the Conqueror building the original castle one thousand years ago, and to imagine all the different chapters of London history which the Tower has seen since, in our beautiful, vibrant city.
Q: What’s your superpower? 
A: My superpower is that I find it easy to get up early, even if I haven’t had much sleep, as I love mornings: not something that many undergraduate students I teach can relate to! However, I’m lucky in that the PhD means I can choose my hours, so I usually enjoy pottering around before starting work.
Q: What do you do for fun? 
A: I’m training for a triathlon, as I love running, swimming, and cycling, but I also enjoy rock-climbing and sea-swimming. I’ve become obsessed with saunas recently, too. I like cooking and enjoy a kitchen project: this year I’ve made Christmas pudding for the first time, which is very exciting! I’ve also started learning to do cryptic crosswords, although I’m pretty rubbish still.
Q: Tell us you are the happiest when…
A: At my local pub, on a Sunday afternoon after a long walk, having an ale and one of their Sunday roasts with friends or family.



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