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Centre for European Research

EU Cybersecurity in the age of Digital Sovereignty- Taking back control?

When: Wednesday, November 16, 2022, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Where: Queen Mary University of London & University of London Institute in Paris, 9-11, rue de Constantine, 75007 Paris, France

The event is organised by Queen Mary University of London and is part of Centre for European Research (CER) Paris seminar series 'The Idea of Europe: Past, Present and Future.'

About this event

The Queen Mary University of London faculty launched a lecture by Helena Farrand Carrapico, Professor of International Relations and European Politics at Northumbria University, who specialises on European Union internal security governance.

Drawing on her recent publications and her current ESRC grant on EU cybersecurity policy, Helena reflected on the emergence of the concept of digital sovereignty, which has been gaining momentum in the EU’s political and policy discourses over the past few years, and hon ow the discourse and practices of digital sovereignty are redefining European security integration.

How can we understand digital sovereignty and why is it relevant? Why is the EU making use of the concept of sovereignty, a traditional notion of modern statecraft? What kind of cybersecurity actor does the EU want to become? What is the impact of Brexit on this area?

About the speakers

  • Keynote Speaker: Helena Farrand-Carrapico is Jean Monnet Chair and Professor of International Relations and European Politics at Northumbria University. 
  • Ian Walden is Professor of Information and Communications Law and was Director of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies from September 2018 - September 2022.
  • General Eric Freyssinet is Scientific Director of the National Gendarmerie since August 1, 2022, after a 24-year career in the field of the fight against cybercrime and digital transformation, in technical, strategic and operational positions.

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