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Centre for European Research

Bayeux Network

Bayeux network is a diverse group of academics, think tankers, and policymakers who have come together with a shared vision of promoting scientific excellence, fostering cooperation, and enhancing diplomatic understanding. Members' collective efforts also aim to serve as a laboratory of ideas on Franco-British relations and to deepen our understanding of its interactions with the European Union, regional organizations, as well as multilateral and global challenges.

Main Objectives

The objectives of the initiative are diverse and multifaceted. Firstly, given the complexity of the current fragmented world order, the aim is to provide a track 1.5 dialogue that is backed by solid research insights from academia and think tankers. Secondly, it aims to establish a missing channel of dialogue between scientists, think tankers, and policymakers across various disciplines such as security, defense, energy, migration, and societal issues. Thirdly, it strives to strengthen scientific excellence, offers collaborative grants, and creates a laboratory of ideas for innovative cooperation. Lastly, it seeks to foster debate and disseminate the work of young scholars and think tankers on this topic. These objectives collectively support its broader mission of promoting dialogue, collaboration, and innovation to address complex global challenges.




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