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Suicidal thoughts

If you are feeling low and having thoughts about harming yourself or feeling that you want to get away from everything by killing yourself you need to take it seriously and get some help now.  Visit our Help in a Crisis page for information on who to contact for support. 

Even if you believe that you will never do it, if thoughts about killing yourself are troubling you it is important to take some steps that will help you understand and begin to deal with what is making you so unhappy.  

Talk to someone you trust, a close friend or someone in your family, or you can make an appointment to speak with your GP, a student counsellor or talk to the chaplain. If you prefer to speak anonymously to begin with, you can call the Samaritans on 116 123. 

If suicide is crossing your mind it is likely that you are feeling helpless and trapped by your problems. You may feel there is no way out for you and that nobody can help or would even want to. There are people who are willing to help. Below there are different sources of help and information, including where to go in an emergency. 

Supporting someone who may be suicidal  

For advice on supporting someone who is struggling with their mental health, including having suicidal thoughts, see our information on supporting someone else.

Specialist organisations 

The Samaritans is available for confidential emotional support to anyone who feels in crisis. It offers a 24 hour helpline on 116 123. You can also visit a local branch if you prefer to speak to someone face to face or you can email them on 

Hopeline UK (also known as PAPYRUS- prevention of young suicide) provide a helpline for anyone who is concerned about a young person who is depressed or potentially suicidal. The website has advice and a links page for young people who may be feeling depressed and having suicidal thoughts and useful resources that can be downloaded, including specific information on the prevention of suicide. 

Students Against Depression is a useful resource about depression and suicide. The site includes stories from other students about their experience of feeling depressed and advice about self help. 

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide is a self help organisation set up to meet the needs of those bereaved by the suicide of a close friend or family member. They provide a helpline, information, email support and access to local support groups. 

The mental health charity MIND website has information that you can download including 'How to cope with suicidal feelings' and 'How to help someone who is suicidal'. 

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