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Financial issues

Impact on mental health

Mental health and personal finances often have a strong impact on each other. If you are struggling to keep control of your money, you may find that your mental health is affected. Likewise, if you find that you cannot cope with your feelings or behaviour, you may find that you get into financial difficulties.  

Ways to support yourself 

Specialist organisations 

MIND has some useful web pages which can help you to understand more about how mental health issues can affect your finances, as well providing helpful tips for taking control of your money.  

The Money Saving Expert website also has a free downloadable guide to dealing with debt for people with a mental health condition. This guide has been written to help people with mental health conditions understand how this can impact on their financial situation, and also how being in debt can lead to mental health issues. The guide explains some practical steps that you can take to improve your financial situation. 

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