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Advice and Counselling Service

Drugs and alcohol

Are you worried about your drug or alcohol use?

For many, drinking and taking drugs is part of their university experience and they are not concerned about it. But it could be useful to have more information about what you are taking or drinking, and so there are resources below to help you keep safe and make your own decisions.  

If you are worried about your use of drugs and alcohol however, there are also ways to access support through the university and specialist organisations.  

Accessing information 

Drink Aware provides information on the effects of alcohol and a drinking self-assessment tool. They also have hints and tips how to look after yourself on a night out.  

It can be helpful to educate yourself on what drugs you are taking. You can visit the website Frank which provides detailed information about a wide range of drugs including pictures of what they look like, the chances of getting addicted, their effects on the body and their legal status. They also provide information if you are worried about someone and they give a list of services available in your area.

Support via Advice and Counselling  

The Advice and Counselling Service is works in partnership with RESET, Tower Hamlets Drug and Alcohol Service, to provide Queen Mary University of London students who are resident in Tower Hamlets 

 with specialist one-to-one support for drug and alcohol issues. If you live outside Tower Hamlets, you should contact your GP in the first instance, and they will be able to refer you to equivalent services in your borough. 

Get in contact with us if you want to speak to someone in the service and find out more about being referred. 

Specialist organisations 

Alcohol use 

Alcohol Change UK has advice and guidance about the different types of support you can access to support your difficulties with alcohol. 

Al-Anon is for family and friends of alcoholics. Their groups and helpline provide support to anyone whose life is, or has been, affected by someone else's drinking. You can also listen to podcasts in which different people talk about their experiences of growing up or being in a relationship with an alcoholic.  

Drug use 

Frank has a search tool to help you find the most appropriate support for you if you are struggling with your drug use.   

Families Anonymous is a worldwide organisation which aims to help family and friends of people with a current or former drug problem through regular group meetings. 

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