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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

Lived Religion Study Day 2019

Lived Religion and the Book


At Queen Mary, University of London

6 December 2019

Room: Scape 3.01

This study day brings together European scholars working on the intersection of religious life and textual culture in the early modern period. Our aim is to examine various ways in which books shaped and reflected lived religion. By sharing examples, methods, and ideas participants will develop a clearer sense of what living one’s religion meant to early modern individuals, the ways in which texts guided their endeavours, and how to identify tensions between prescriptions in books and lived practice. The books in question are manuscript, printed, annotated, abridged, revised, widely circulated or left unread.


1.30 – 3.30pm Session 1:

Eyal Poleg (QMUL), ‘Enclosed and wrapped about with dust’: A new look at the early modern Bible in England

Aude de Mézerac (Lille), Living the liturgy in Henry's Reformation: evidence from massbooks

Xenia von Tippleskirch (Humboldt), Longing for Solitude - Between Text Knowledge and Aristocratic Self-understanding


3.30 – 4pm Tea


4 – 5.30pm Session 2:

Liesbeth Corens (QMUL), Catholic Minorities and Past Forms

Johanna Harris (Exeter), In the basket with the appells is The Returne of Prayer: shared reading and fruitfulness in Harley family puritanism.


5.30 – 6pm Roundtable: What can book studies bring to the history of lived religion?

Led by Anne Dunan-Page, Laurence Lux-Sterritt and Tessa Whitehouse