School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Functional Materials and Nanoscience



Our research is focused in three sub-themes: functional organic electronics, inorganic-based materials & hybrids, and nanoscale biomaterials. The aim of our research is to develop novel functional materials in different areas from organic (bio)electronics and sensing, to hierarchical/multifunctional inorganic hybrid nanostructures, as well as alternative materials in sustainable batteries, and molecularly imprinted nanogels.


Researcher Title Department

Research Interests

Abrahams, Dr Isaac

Senior Lecturer, CChem, MRSC


Solid State Structural Chemistry, Ionically Conducting Solids, BIMEVOX

Giordano, Dr Cristina Reader in Chemistry Chemistry

Metallic ceramics, Nanostructures, Metal nitrides, Carbides

Nielsen, Dr Christian Academic Fellow Chemistry

Organic electronics, Organic bioelectronics, Semiconducting polymers, Materials chemistry

Palma, Dr Matteo

Reader in Nanoscience (Associate Professor)


Nanotechnology, Single-molecule, Molecular Electronics, Supramolecular, Nanobiotechnology, Materials

Resmini, Prof Marina

Professor of Materials Chemistry, Head of Chemistry Department


Biomimetic Systems, Artificial Receptors, Catalysis, Synthesis, Molecular Imprinting

Lu, Dr Yao

Lecturer in Chemistry


Dimitrov, Dr Stoichko

Lecturer in Chemistry




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