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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Offer Holders Day

On Saturday, 20 January the Department of Physics and Astronomy welcomed sixth-form undergraduate offer holders for an amazing day of events.


QMUL Physics Offer Holder Day

To kick off the offer holder day festivities, Prof Adrian Bevan, SPCS Head of School, welcomed and congratulated the offer holders.

Dr Matthew Buican, Reader in Theoretical Physics and Director of Admissions for Physics and Astronomy, then walked the students through the highlights and the many unique aspects of the QMUL Physics and Astronomy degrees. This discussion included details of various innovative small-group tutorials that the department arranges to help undergraduate students learn core subjects and gain important career skills.

Afterwards, there were various talks taken from and inspired by the undergraduate curriculum. Highlights include:

  • Dr Heli Hietala, Royal Society University Research Fellow and Lecturer in Space Plasma Physics, used methods from the module she teaches on stars to explain why SpaceX lost some satellites recently.






  • Dr Eli Rezasoltani, Lecturer in Physics and Mathematics Education, explained how we bridge the gap between GCSE / A-levels Maths and our curriculum by explaining how our Mathematical Techniques modules work. Ideas in Physics make the Maths so much easier to understand!









  • Dr Abbey Waldron, Lecturer in Particle Physics, discussed her work in neutrino physics and explained how students last year got to delve into this topic through 2nd year projects in a module she taught.


Many additional members of staff, including Dr Ricardo Monteiro, Dr Ed Gillen, and Dr Tom Haworth joined the students for lunch in the GO Jones museum and discussed Physics and Astronomy at QMUL. After lunch, Profs Peter Hobson and Richard Nelson gave lab and observatory demonstrations. The day concluded with a student panel.


If you have an offer to study with us, you can book a place at our next offer holder’s day on 10 February. Contact with any questions.
If you would like to study Physics or Astrophysics with us, please see the following links:




Once you have an offer to study with us, you can join us at a future offer holder day.



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