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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Queen Mary scientists welcome new equipment in a major boost for materials analysis at the university

The Faculty of Science at Queen Mary University has acquired a new system allowing us to characterise advanced materials to a new level of detail. 

The interdisciplinary team with the new equipment

The installation of a new X-ray scattering system will enable teams from across the sciences to take these measurements in-house for the first time, instead of relying on an external lab.

The Xenocs Nano-inXider SAXS/WAXD system is located at the interdisciplinary X-ray Diffraction Facility in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and is capable of simultaneously probing length scales from the atomic (1 Angstrom) to ~1000x larger in the same measurement.

A cross-faculty team from the School of Engineering and Materials Science with the School of Physical and Chemical Sciences worked together on the bid, receiving funding from the Research Capital Infrastructure Fund and the Research Innovation Board.

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