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School of Biological and Chemical Sciences


The Chemistry department at Queen Mary is a vibrant and growing department, with internationally leading researchers. The Chemistry Research Excellence Framework submission of 2014 was ranked 7th in the UK for research outputs.


Our research focuses on the three central themes of Functional Materials and Nanoscience, Physical and Computational Chemistry and Synthesis and catalysis. Research in the department is supported by facilities including the analytical and mass spectrometry laboratory, bioinformatics clusters, confocal and epifluorescence microscopy, NMR spectroscopy, protein purification (including cloning and expression) and X-ray diffraction.

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Research Themes

Nanoscience Tile

Learn more about our functional materials and nanoscience research.

P & CC Tile

Learn more about our physical and computational chemistry research.

Synthesis & Catalysis Tile

Learn more about our synthesis and catalysis research.