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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

25 strategic Lectureships/Senior Lectureships available in the Faculty of Science and Engineering

The School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences (SBBS) is seeking candidates for several new academic positions to enhance its research in three strategic areas: Digital Environment, Biosciences, and Green Energy and Sustainability. The Faculty of Science and Engineering has 25 lectureships and senior lectureships (Teaching and Research) to offer, and it is expected that 7 of these will be placed in SBBS.

Peston Lecture Theatre

Peston Lecture Theature

Our School is home to an active and multidisciplinary research programme addressing themes of Ecology and Evolution, Cell Dynamics and Structural Biology, and Biological and Experimental Psychology. Through collaborative research centres and institutes, our research also addresses the university’s cross-faculty themes.  The positions currently advertised seek to enhance our research in the following strategic areas for the Faculty of Science and Engineering:

Digital Environment

This theme focuses on data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data and covers diverse applications including bioscience and medtech (see below) and psychology. In psychology, our research combines behavioural approaches and neuroscientific with computational methods to answer questions about human health, cognition, and human machine interaction.  We are seeking new Faculty members with experience in multidisciplinary research addressing major challenges involving artificial intelligence, big data and data science. Successful candidates will also be associated with Queen Mary’s new strategic investment in a Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI).   

Candidates may contact the following individuals (depending on research interests) if further information on our work in this area is required before applying: 

Conrad Bessant, Professor of Bioinformatics (Biochemistry)

Isabelle Mareschal, Professor in Visual Cognition (Psychology)

Matteo Fumagalli, Senior Lecturer in Genetics (Biology)

Biosciences and MedTech

This multidisciplinary theme includes genetics, cell biology, bioengineering, biomaterials, robotics, and related research aligned with bioscience and healthcare technology. Research in this theme benefits from strong collaborative links with the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and Barts Health NHS Trust.

Our research in this area includes fundamental studies of cell and protein dynamics, in particular chromosome biology, cytoskeletal networks and membrane systems and structural biology related to microbial pathogenesis and cancers. We are seeking new faculty members at the interface between fundamental biology and precision medicine with multidisciplinary approaches or who are interested in extending their research into multiple disciplines including biophysics, artificial intelligence and structural biology.

Candidates may contact the following individuals (depending on research interests) if further information on our work in this area is required before applying:

Vidya Darbari, Lecturer in Structural Biology

Peter Thorpe, Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry

Richard Pickersgill, Professor of Structural Biology

Green Energy and Sustainability

This theme covers green energy engineering, sustainable materials, environmental systems, biodiversity and other aspects of science and engineering research related to the sustainability and the environment. This theme covers research and development aligned with National and International funding priority areas around Sustainability and Net Zero.

Our research addresses major ecological and evolutionary questions at the cell, individual, community and ecosystem levels. We have research strengths in the construction and interpretation of large interdisciplinary datasets, and use a range of experimental, molecular and modelling approaches. Topics that are of relevance to major sustainability challenges include our work on photosynthesis, on major element cycles and on the long-term effects of environmental change on species’ ecology and evolution. We are seeking new Faculty members who are keen on multidisciplinary research addressing major challenges of green energy, biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

Candidates may contact the following individuals (depending on research interests) if further information on our work in this area is required before applying:

Christophe Eizaguirre, Professor of Evolutionary and Conservation Genetics

Conrad Mullineaux, Professor of Microbiology

Mark Trimmer, Professor of Biogeochemistry


Candidates with established industry collaborations in one or more of these areas are particularly encouraged to apply.

Applicants are also welcome to contact our Head of School, Professor Richard Pickersgill, for more general information about working with us.

Potential applicants can find out more about the positions and application process via the following link: Queen Mary Lectureships in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

The deadline for applications is midnight on Sunday 13th March 2022.



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