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For Students

qNomics provides free financial advice to start-ups and entrepreneurs on the challenges that they are facing. The advice can range from marketing, business planning, financial planning cashflows, and funding.

Hopefully the other pages on our website have answered most questions, but here are some other questions we get asked.

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The advice provided is given by third year and masters students who are thoroughly trained before taking on business cases.

The training provided are, but not limited to, as follow:

  1. Business Planning
  2. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  3. Funding
  4. Market Research

In addition to being a client advisor, students choose either to become a content developer or a marketing advisor, as a way to reach out to businesses in our local community and bring more awareness to qNomics.

Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR)

The qNomics Programme will be listed on your digital transcript

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Expectations and Eligibility

The programme is open to third-year undergraduates and masters students from the School of Economics and Finance.

It takes place during Semester A and B of each academic year – starts in September and finishes in April the following year. Please see the below for a breakdown in the timeline of the programme.

For this programme, you are expected to have business acumen learned through academics or work experience; you will be providing advice on financial and business concepts to the given client. Nonetheless, training and supervision will be provided by renowned practitioners to all students regardless of the academic background.

In addition, you must possess:

  • Strong willingness to learn: to broaden your horizons on relevant aspects.
  • Adequate research skills: to fill gaps in knowledge.
  • Good communication skills: to liaise with the client, supervisor, and group members.
  • Organisation skills: to produce a good quality of work in the timeframe provided.
  • Engaged: willing to participate and remain active in the programme to get the best out of the programme

Please make sure you are eligible and can commit to this time before applying.



Semester A

Part 1 (September and October)

  • Students participate in a series of training workshops in preparation for their business case.
  • Client Advisory: With the support of a supervisor, students attend the client consultation and then begin drafting their advice letters.
  • Content Development and Marketing: During this time, some students will participate in developing content and marketing for the programme

Part 2 (November and December)

  • All advice letters to be finalised and sent to the client
  • Content development projects to be completed before the Christmas break.

Semester B

Client Advisory: Similar layout and format to Semester A.

Content Development and Marketing: Subject to change depending on project work available.


As mentioned in the timeline section, as a student you will undertake a series of training workshops during semester A. The training aims to build up your skills and prepare you for the activities that you’ll do during the programme. The topics we will cover include the following:

An Induction Session – this will be a 1hr and 30 mins max. session where we’ll go through our expectations, activities planned and answer any questions you might have. The date and time for this session is still yet to be confirmed.

  1. Business Planning – two training workshops with our supervisor Stuart O’Neill –  Date and Time: 25th, 26th October both between 2:30-4:30 (if this changes, you will know in advance).
  2. Funding Support – one training session with our supervisor Karen Kwong – Date and Time: 15th November, between 12-2pm (if this changes, you will know in advance).
  3. Understanding your Client and Presentation skills – two training workshops with our supervisor Ian Mason – Dates and times to be confirmed.

During Semester B, we hope to include a workshop that will focus on how to showcase your qNomics experience in applications forms and during interviews. The date and time for this are yet to be confirmed.

How to Apply

Application for the qNomics Programme is now open, please complete our application form online.

Please note that we welcome applications from a variety of background. Please view the university’s policy on inclusion and diversity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully the other pages on our website have answered most questions, but here are some other questions we get asked.

The precise answer will depend a lot on both your client and you. You are expected to dedicate around 2-3 hours per week for qNomics, however your client may also have higher or lower requirements depending on their business and their needs. Keep in mind however, that everyone works very hard to keep up a high standard of service in qNomics, and you may be required to do a few drafts before your advice letter is accepted. Additionally, qNomics cannot be used as an excuse for falling behind on your regular studies. Therefore, if you normally have trouble keeping up with work, qNomics may not be for you. However, if you are a well-organized person, who enjoys problem solving and thrives in group projects, qNomics should not take up more than a few hours per week, mostly during the time of writing the advice letter. From the surveys with current and previous participants, they reported to spend around 35 hours each semester attending meetings, conducting research and preparing their reports.

The supervisors are people experienced in the business, who volunteer to help in the programme by leading the students and provide transitional feedback on their work. They will usually have a background in consulting, or other related financial services. Additionally, the supervisors host training sessions on things like public speaking, resilience, business funding, etc. which can greatly aid in both the interview stages of qNomics as well as many aspects of life outside of the university.

The consultation meeting is a 45 minute session, where you will join in to discuss with the advisors and the supervisor your application and your problems and needs. The students will have had some time to prepare for this meeting, as will you. This time will most likely be spent on a quick introduction, then a quick interview-style discussion of the requests made in the application form and additional questions about things that might be helpful in compiling the advice letter. The final few minutes will likely be a summary of the information and what it is exactly that you expect from qNomics as well as the deadlines for when the advice letter is expected to be complete.

No, qNomics provides free business advice to tech start-up companies and entrepreneurs who meet the eligibility criteria of the programme.

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Testimonials from our students taking part in qNomics.

Ozgur Akkaya, Undergraduate, BSc Economics

Every year it becomes more and more challenging to apply for internships and graduate schemes as applicants increase. Due to the competitiveness of these schemes, they generally require some work experience. As someone that was unable to secure an internship in my second year, qNomics has been a fantastic alternative as I have been able to gain many of the skills that I missed out from not doing an internship. For instance, I have directly worked with clients, produced client reports and exhibited teamwork skills. These are all skills that have improved me as a candidate for job applications and helped me to secure a graduate scheme. Even if you do have an internship under your belt, qNomics can help boost your application for any future job openings. Therefore, if anyone is looking for relevant work experience, and has a passion for helping new or small businesses, I think qNomics is an ideal vehicle to participate in.

Eheraadh Ashraf, Postgraduate, MSc Investment Banking

This has been an excellent opportunity to help solve practical business problems and has provided valuable insights into the start-up phase of businesses. Working out the key factors that would spur growth for a real business has been a useful experience. Along with this researching multiple businesses has improved my analytical skill set which is a key skill I've been eager to improve.

Profile Picture of Male Student in Suit

Ahmad Fikri Bin Abdullah Asuhaimi, Undergraduate, BSc Economics

I came across qNomics by chance through email promotion the team sent before term starts. The experience however is a blessing and I am grateful to have applied for this program! qNomics helped me to understand businesses environment better and to work with a team which improves my communication, presentation, time management and leadership skill! The skills I learnt throughout this program has improved my confidence as well as I am able to showcase it in front of potential employers during assessment and interviews!

Profile Picture of Female Student

Bindi Parmar, Undergraduate, BSc Economics

qNomics has been an amazing opportunity which has given me the chance to engage in direct client contact and build on my skills to develop a well-researched and personalised report whilst working with our experienced supervisors. I really appreciate the resources, workshops and support that has been provided during this experience as it has helped enhance my understanding of the consulting sector and allowed me to deliver the project well equipped.

Marvin Christian Neil Meriton, Undergraduate, BSc Economics and Finance

It been a great opportunity to meet people outside of my course and come together with our individual competencies we have to help elevate these small business startups, which one day could become a market leader. Plus, it’s great for networking.

Lorelei Tintea, Undergraduate, BSc Economics

I would like to start this by saying that I would be in a completely different industry if it were not for qNomics. An industry I would not have enjoyed nearly as much as the one I am currently in.

The scheme is challenging, especially as a final year student; but if you work hard for it, you will reap the benefits that come with it.

For me, the scheme was a great training opportunity. It has helped me work on key skills such as presentations, public speaking, and teamwork, which have all stuck with me and came in handy not only during interviews, but also in my current role.

Networking as part of qNomics is also a valuable aspect. I have stayed in close contact with one of my teammates who happens to work in the same industry. We now regularly bounce ideas off each other, and have a friendly yet competitive relationship, which helps us both grow and improve. Furthermore, my first mentor for this scheme has turned into a dear friend of mine, whom I am now colleagues with at Ablestoke Wealth Management LLP

I mentioned working in an industry I enjoy – it was through qNomics that I was introduced to the industry of financial advice and wealth management. My mentor then educated me on it further – the curiosity turned into a passion, which is now slowly becoming my career, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

As long as you are striving for success and willing to do what it takes, qNomics is a fantastic opportunity which I could not recommend more.

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