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Student Testimonials

Testimonials from our students taking part in qNomics.

Ozgur Akkaya, Undergraduate, BSc Economics

Every year it becomes more and more challenging to apply for internships and graduate schemes as applicants increase. Due to the competitiveness of these schemes, they generally require some work experience. As someone that was unable to secure an internship in my second year, qNomics has been a fantastic alternative as I have been able to gain many of the skills that I missed out from not doing an internship. For instance, I have directly worked with clients, produced client reports and exhibited teamwork skills. These are all skills that have improved me as a candidate for job applications and helped me to secure a graduate scheme. Even if you do have an internship under your belt, qNomics can help boost your application for any future job openings. Therefore, if anyone is looking for relevant work experience, and has a passion for helping new or small businesses, I think qNomics is an ideal vehicle to participate in.

Eheraadh Ashraf, Postgraduate, MSc Investment Banking

This has been an excellent opportunity to help solve practical business problems and has provided valuable insights into the start-up phase of businesses. Working out the key factors that would spur growth for a real business has been a useful experience. Along with this researching multiple businesses has improved my analytical skill set which is a key skill I've been eager to improve.

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Ahmad Fikri Bin Abdullah Asuhaimi, Undergraduate, BSc Economics

I came across qNomics by chance through email promotion the team sent before term starts. The experience however is a blessing and I am grateful to have applied for this program! qNomics helped me to understand businesses environment better and to work with a team which improves my communication, presentation, time management and leadership skill! The skills I learnt throughout this program has improved my confidence as well as I am able to showcase it in front of potential employers during assessment and interviews!

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Bindi Parmar, Undergraduate, BSc Economics

qNomics has been an amazing opportunity which has given me the chance to engage in direct client contact and build on my skills to develop a well-researched and personalised report whilst working with our experienced supervisors. I really appreciate the resources, workshops and support that has been provided during this experience as it has helped enhance my understanding of the consulting sector and allowed me to deliver the project well equipped.

Marvin Christian Neil Meriton, Undergraduate, BSc Economics and Finance

It been a great opportunity to meet people outside of my course and come together with our individual competencies we have to help elevate these small business startups, which one day could become a market leader. Plus, it’s great for networking.

Lorelei Tintea, Undergraduate, BSc Economics

I would like to start this by saying that I would be in a completely different industry if it were not for qNomics. An industry I would not have enjoyed nearly as much as the one I am currently in.

The scheme is challenging, especially as a final year student; but if you work hard for it, you will reap the benefits that come with it.

For me, the scheme was a great training opportunity. It has helped me work on key skills such as presentations, public speaking, and teamwork, which have all stuck with me and came in handy not only during interviews, but also in my current role.

Networking as part of qNomics is also a valuable aspect. I have stayed in close contact with one of my teammates who happens to work in the same industry. We now regularly bounce ideas off each other, and have a friendly yet competitive relationship, which helps us both grow and improve. Furthermore, my first mentor for this scheme has turned into a dear friend of mine, whom I am now colleagues with at Ablestoke Wealth Management LLP

I mentioned working in an industry I enjoy – it was through qNomics that I was introduced to the industry of financial advice and wealth management. My mentor then educated me on it further – the curiosity turned into a passion, which is now slowly becoming my career, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

As long as you are striving for success and willing to do what it takes, qNomics is a fantastic opportunity which I could not recommend more.

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