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School of Politics and International Relations

Workshop | Perspectives on the Right

11 September 2015

Time: 9:00am - 6:00pm

This workshop brings together a number of academic experts on different aspects of ‘the right’ – both as a distinct ideological current informing modern political debate and state behaviour, as well as the social and political forces of the right. Drawing on a range of critical-theoretical perspectives (including Frankfurt School, Foucauldian, Marxist and others) the workshop will assess the distinct articulations of right-wing politics in the contemporary era through examining the relationships between the different strands of the right (e.g. conservative and far-right), the way in which the political economy of neoliberalism – both as  practice of states and ideational framework – is associated with the politics of the right and the connections between the changing nature of right-wing politics and the instabilities and crises associated with capitalist development and transformation.

Attendance is by invitation only please contact Dr Rick Saull for further details.

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