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School of Politics and International Relations

Strengthening the Political Constitution Conference

When: Tuesday, September 12, 2023, 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Where: Central London


Convener: Dr Richard Johnson (Queen Mary University of London)

Sponsored by: Research England Talent and Research Stabilisation Fund

Conference Brief:

This conference considers the agenda for British constitutional change from a ‘political constitutionalist’ perspective. The ‘political constitution’ refers to the idea that the chief constraint on Government is Parliament and political pressure, rather than higher laws, judges, or extra-parliamentary institutions, such as devolved legislatures or referendums.

Presenters are encouraged to reflect on the core principles of the political constitution, the status of the constitution in the 13 years since the Conservatives came to power, the prospects for the political constitution under a future Labour government (including the Brown Review), and/or practical steps to strengthen the political constitution.

Papers/presentations are welcome within the following areas:

➢ The Principles of the Political Constitution

➢ The Conservatives and the Political Constitution

➢ Labour and the Political Constitution

➢ The Project of Strengthening the Political Constitution

Presentation title and abstract of 100-500 words should be sent to by 12th August 2023

Practical details:

➢ Fully developed papers are not required for presentation.

➢ Conference participants will receive a free copy of Sceptical Perspectives on the

Changing Constitution of the United Kingdom (Hart, 2023).

➢ Limited hotel accommodation is available to presenters from outside London.

➢ The conference is open to all those interested in the political constitution and

British constitutional change, including those outside academia.

If you would like to attend without presenting, please e-mail  before 1st September 2023.

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