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School of Politics and International Relations

Global Politics Unbound in conversation with: The Global Politics of Barbie

When: Thursday, March 21, 2024, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Where: BLOC Cinema, ArtsOne, Mile End


Join Global Politics Unbound (GPU) for a screening (with popcorn) of Barbie (2023), followed by a roundtable discussion with Giulia Carabelli, Martin Coward, Kim Hutchings, Alex Stoffel, Sara Escobar Chnari, and more.

Hi Barbies!

GPU invites you to a night of shiny sequinned jumpsuits, pink privilege and lots of Kennergy. The idea is to lower our guard a bit, have fun and learn how to engage politics in less formal, less "serious" fora (Halberstam, 2017) – to read our current moment through otherworldly, often absurd and definitely surreal encounters.

Travelling by rocket, roller-skates and jet ski to a place where patriarchy is somehow entangled with horses and blond, plastic "stereotypes" allegedly subvert yet sustain mainstream narratives, we might find other ways to unravel, challenge and transform the political landscapes that cultivate them.


  • Giulia Carabelli
  • Martin Coward
  • Kim Hutchings
  • Alex Stoffel
  • Sara Escobar Chnari

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