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Zeiss LSM 800 Confocal

This inverted Zeiss LSM 800 is a fully motorised laser scanning confocal microscope with a fast piezo Z-drive and environment control (temperature and CO2). It is ideally suited to extended live cell imaging, as well as high-resolution fixed sample analyses. 



For a full system specification, visit the CMR Advanced Bio-imaging Facility website. In brief, the system is configured with 405, 488, 561 and 640 nm solid state laser diodes, 4 objective lens options (10x/0.3 N, 20x/0.8 Pl Apo, 40x/1.3 oil Pl Apo, 63x/1.4 oil Pl Apo), two highly-sensitive GaAsP PMT detectors for simultaneous multi-channel capture and a transmitted light detector for brightfield/DIC overlayed acquisitions. 



With confocal laser scanning technology, high-quality optical Z-sections can be acquired to generate high-resolution multi-channel 3/4D images of fixed or live cell samples and tissue sections. In addition, it is capable of advanced applications including extended time-lapse acquisitions with 'Definite Focus' drift stabilisation and full environment control, multi-well plate scans, FRAP and FRET to assess protein dynamics, tile-and-stitch to image large tissue sections at high resolution, or complex combinations of these workflows using the 'experiment designer'. 


Price per hour : £25

Price O/N : £100

Contact details

Facility : CMR Advanced Bio-imaging Facility

Campus : Charterhouse Square

Address : Centre for Microvascular Research, William Harvey Research Institute, Charterhouse Square, EC1M 6BQ

Manager : Dr Tom Nightingale

Contact : 020 7882 3910

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