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Leica SP8 DIVE Multiphoton with FALCON FLIM

A state-of-the-art upright multiphoton microscope with combined laser scanning confocal and high-speed fluorescence lifetime imaging capability. With a large stage area, long working distance lenses and upright configuration, this microscope is ideally suited to diverse sample types that may include standard slide mounts and 35 mm dishes, as well as custom-designed mounts for more complex sample types and intravital experiments. 



For a full system specification, visit the CMR Advanced Bio-imaging Facility website. In brief, the system is configured with a tunable 680-1300 nm IR pulsed solid state laser and fixed 1045 nm line for multiphoton excitation, as well as 488, 552 and 638 nm laser diodes for confocal work. In addition to a fully tunable excitation source, the detection wavelengths are freely adjustable for total flexibility in fluorophore selection. The microscope has four objective lens options (10x/0.3 W Apo, 25x/1.0 W IR Apo with motCorr, 63x/0.9 W Apo and 63x/1.4 oil Pl Apo), two confocal PMT detectors and four multiphoton non-descanned detectors (including two high-sensitivity hybrid detectors). The microscope is additionally equipped with two scanners for tunable scan speeds up to 1400 Hz or fixed ultra-fast scanning at 8000 Hz.



This system is ideally suited to deep tissue imaging applications, live tissue or intravital microscopy, label-free imaging by second and third harmonic generation (SHG, THG) and fluorescence lifetime imaging for the most robust detection of FRET, biosensing or label-free metabolic status mapping. 


Price per hour : £30

Price O/N : n/a

Contact details

Facility : CMR Advanced Bio-imaging Facility

Campus : Charterhouse Square

Address : Centre for Microvascular Research, William Harvey Research Institute, Charterhouse Square, EC1M 6BQ

Manager : Dr Mathieu-Benoit Voisin

Contact : 020 7882 3910

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