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Mile End Institute

Audrey Tan


Policy Partnerships Manager



Audrey is the Policy Partnerships Manager at the Mile End Institute and is responsible for building policy partnerships between the University and external stakeholders; raising QMUL's profile in policymaking spheres; and collaborating with the research community to generate high-quality policy impact. 

She has an Honours BA in Health Studies and Gerontology from McMaster University in Canada and an MSc in Evidence-based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation from the University of Oxford. A research methodologist by training, Audrey previously worked for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), Cochrane, and the World Health Organisation (WHO), conducting systematic reviews of clinical and health evidence to inform health policy decision-making. 

Before joining QMUL, Audrey worked at University College London for the Public Policy and Public Engagement teams respectively, supporting academics to translate their research into real world impact. 


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