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Research Highways: celebrating our strengths

By Andrew Livingston

Since I joined Queen Mary in 2019, I have been both excited and fascinated to learn about all of the fantastic research we undertake at Queen Mary, across all three of our faculties. There is no doubt that we are a world-leading research-intensive University.

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In the 27 months I have been in post, I have also come to realise that we could make it easier for external audiences to understand and access our research strengths. And there is also more we could do to ensure we have fewer obstacles to internal, cross-faculty collaboration on research and related matters such as funding and partnership opportunities.

To help address these challenges, I have been working with colleagues across Queen Mary on the development of our Research Highways, which I am delighted to launch this week.

Our Research Highways are five interdisciplinary research themes which bring together expertise from across Queen Mary. The Highways are:

  • Sustainability, environment, energy
  • Digital, information, data
  • Lifelong health and wellbeing
  • Performance, communication, creative industries
  • Accelerating innovation and invention.

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Each Highway represents an area where Queen Mary already has cross-faculty excellence and depth. This allows us to build on our existing strengths to further develop our capacity for research and innovation at Queen Mary, through new collaborations, joint working and partnerships.

But, just as importantly, each Highway is concerned with the key questions that our global community faces today.  They are rooted in the problems that our partners tell us they’re baffled by, and the issues we see in the communities we work with, here in East London and across the world. They’re also inspired by the opportunities we see to bring research-based knowledge and innovation to bear to improve outcomes for individuals and societies.

Woven through each Highway is our ambition to be the most inclusive university of our kind anywhere in the world. This commitment will shape the questions we ask and how our research helps answer them.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will continue to build on the Research Highway section of our website, bringing our research to life by showcasing some of the amazing work going on in each area. There will also be plenty of opportunities for our researchers to help shape our work around the Highways.

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