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Food from student halls donated to A Plate for London initiative

Non-perishable food items left by students in residences on campus have found a new home and been donated to A Plate For London.

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Store cupboard goods
Store cupboard goods

Queen Mary staff in the residential cleaning team gathered items such as pasta, tea and tinned goods, for A Plate For London to produce healthy and nutritious meals for people in need across the capital. Food items that did not require cooking were also handed out to those in need.

This worthy initiative supports families with children who are struggling to afford or find food during the current pandemic.

Susan Sabeva, Facilities Manager at Queen Mary, said: “As the coronavirus pandemic unfolded many of our students in halls of residences went back home and left behind lots of food that was still good to eat, so rather than let it go to waste we decided to donate it to A Plate for London which is doing fantastic work to keep people fed during this crisis." 

Queen Mary has also supported the A Plate For London cause by opening its kitchens and working with Tower Hamlets Council to get meals distributed to those in need in our local community.

Over the Easter weekend a food distribution point was set up outside the Queens’ Building and staff assisted in delivering meals to the Whitechapel Mission alongside Tower Hamlets’ volunteers.

If you would like to donate or to find out more about A Plate for London, visit

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