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With Great Power: Political leaders, popular legacies

One year on from the UK General Election, and in the run up to the 2016 US Presidential Election, the British Academy - with major contributions from several QMUL academics - explores the concept of political leadership. 

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What does it take to inspire action; to create, change and use the will of a people? How have we judged those who wield political power and how do we continue to remember them? What does a leader look like?

On 9 June, Professor Barbara Taylor will take part in a panel discussion with four scholars on Mary Wollstonecraft. Two centuries on from A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, what impact has writer, philosopher and activist Wollstonecraft had on our thinking? Does her work still influence us? What places does she have in our social and cultural thinking and how has this changed from reactions to her work in her own time?

On 22 June, Dr Helen McCarthy and Dr Thomas Dixon will address the determination of British women to seek influence in the political arena. Dr McCarthy tells their story of struggle to stand on the diplomatic stage while Dr Dixon explores women in politics through the history of emotions. 

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