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Vicious Venoms and Poisonous Parasites at Centre of the Cell

The exciting workshop ‘Vicious Venoms and Poisonous Parasites’ will take place during the February school half-term holidays at Queen Mary, University of London’s unique science education centre, Centre of the Cell.

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The free sessions, on Tuesday 14th and Thursday 16th February 2012, begin with a show in the embryo-shaped ‘Pod’, suspended above the laboratories of the Blizard Institute at Queen Mary’s Whitechapel Campus.

Once inside, visitors gather around a central 'nucleus' for a powerful audiovisual display, projected around the walls of the ‘Pod’, which introduces cells - the building blocks of life. The nucleus opens to reveal a series of interactive touch-screen games and virtual experiments. Visitors can take on the role of scientists to grow virtual cells, explore body parts and discover cancerous tissue using high-powered microscopes.

The ‘Pod’ Show is followed by a workshop looking at some of our planet’s most deadly venoms and poisonous creatures. The ‘Vicious Venoms and Poisonous Parasites’ workshop will involve a range of brain busting fun and educational activities for young people and their families. The Centre’s expert staff will show what happens when different poisons and venoms get into the human body and how some can affect the body in the most gruesome and shocking ways.  

There are two sessions on workshop days, in the morning and afternoon, and booking is essential.  Each session lasts approximately two and a half hours.

The show is aimed at people aged nine and over but all ages are welcome. Please be advised that some of the materials used are only suitable for children over the age of two. Younger children will be given with alternative materials and activities within the same venue.

To book your place, please visit:

For general enquiries and information; 

Tel: 0207 882 2562

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