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Queen Mary becomes a ‘Fairtrade University’

Queen Mary, University of London has acquired Fairtrade status, having successfully demonstrated to The Fairtrade Foundation that it meets all the Fairtrade goals: they include a commitment to making Fairtrade products available on campus, using Fairtrade foods in all campus eateries, and increasing understanding and awareness of Fairtrade. The development comes thanks to the joint commitment of the Students' Union and the University's staff.

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The Fairtrade Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation that licenses use of the FAIRTRADE Mark on products in the UK in accordance with internationally agreed Fairtrade standards. Products which carry the FAIRTRADE Mark guarantee a fair deal to producers in developing countries to help them work their way out of poverty. Fairtrade producers also receive a 'community premium' to invest in local health or education provision or improved production methods, and are committed to farming in ways which respect the environment.

Queen Mary has recently adopted a revised Fairtrade Policy, confirming its commitment to becoming a Fairtrade institution and ensuring that it:

  • Has a Fairtrade Steering Group
  • Sells as many Fairtrade products as possible
  • Ensures that only Fairtrade tea, coffee, sugar and hot chocolate are supplied at internal meetings and hospitality events hosted by the University and the Student's Union
  • Promotes the sale of Fairtrade products and raise awareness of Fairtrade issues internally and to the wider community
  • Communicates the University's commitment to Fairtrade to all staff and students
  • Undertakes a review of the Policy annually

The College’s Fairtrade Steering Group demonstrates a strong commitment to increasing Fairtrade consumption on its campuses. The Steering Group meets approximately four times a year to discuss QMUL’s Fairtrade progress and plan for promotions and events such as Fairtrade Fortnight.

Rebecca Maiden, Head of Energy and Environment at Queen Mary said; “We are extremely proud to have achieved Fairtrade status and join other higher institutions in supporting the Fairtrade Foundation.  We will continually work on promoting the great work of the Fairtrade Foundation and incorporating their goals in our everyday activities.”

Queen Mary’s new status coincides with it being awarded the EcoCampus Bronze Award following completion of the planning stage of the EcoCampus scheme in which the College has demonstrated a clear environmental policy and begun to set objectives and targets for environmental improvement.

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