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New trial set to help people with house-dust mite allergies

Scientists working on developing a way to rid people of their allergy to house-dust mites are recruiting volunteers to take part in a new clinical trial.

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A dust mite
A dust mite

The researchers, from Queen Mary, University of London, are testing the effectiveness of a new tablet on people who have house-dust mite induced asthma. The trial is based at Queen Mary’s William Harvey Research Institute at Charterhouse Square, one of seven trial centres in the UK.

Dr Runa Ali, Consultant Allergist at Barts and the London NHS Trust, is a Principal Investigator on the study. She said: “We need people to come forward whose asthma is set off by house-dust-mites. It will be a really exciting development if we can prove this tablet reduces their asthmatic symptoms.”

People willing to participate in the trial need to see whether they’re eligible and be able to commit to go to the clinic for 13 visits. Recruitment for the study closes on 28 January 2011.

The participants will either be required to take a house-dust mite allergy vaccine tablet or a placebo tablet once a day. Their symptoms will be measured regularly to see whether the tablet helps to reduce their asthma.

The MITRA study is expected to be finished by March 2013.

People willing to participate should email Ania at or call 020 7882 5665. They can also visit for more information about the study.

This work is sponsored by ALK-Abello, a global pharmaceutical company focusing on allergy treatment, prevention and diagnosis.

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