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Health Innovation and Education Cluster announces new Managing Director

The new North East London, North Central London and Essex Health Innovation and Education Cluster has appointed Robyn Hudson as Managing Director.

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Robyn Hudson
Robyn Hudson

Robyn is currently the Quality, Efficiency and Productivity Program Leader for the Specialist Hospital Board at University College Hospital London NHS Foundation Trust.

Professor Sir Nicholas Wright, Chair of the NECLES HIEC Interim Board said: "We have appointed Robyn Hudson as the Managing Director of the HIEC. We very much look forward to Robyn starting her work with the HIEC.

“Robyn is a dynamic and visionary leader with strong patient centred values committed to better delivery through innovation and partnership working crossing traditional boundaries.

“The selection committee, with representatives from nursing, primary and secondary care, as well as commissioning, warmly welcome her to our HIEC.”

This week also sees the launch of the HIEC’s new website ( which includes background on the HIEC’s activities, partners and projects.

Health Innovation and Education Clusters, known as HIECs, are formal partnerships between NHS organisations, leading medical education institutes, industry and academia. Their purpose is to promote innovation, quality and productivity in the NHS through the training and education of healthcare staff and to share best practice across the capital.

The new North East London, North Central London and Essex HIEC is led by Queen Mary (on behalf of NEL Health, which includes all NHS bodies in NE London), along with University College London (UCL Partners), and Anglia Ruskin University/Essex NHS.

The three partnerships will come together to research and pioneer new approaches for treatments of common diseases such as chronic lung disease; provide a new focus for preventing major illnesses such as stroke and heart disease; and support better choice and care for maternity care.

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