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Dr James Busfield wins top award from American Chemical Society

Dr James Busfield from Queen Mary's School of Engineering and Materials Science has been awarded the Sparks-Thomas Award of the American Chemical Society for 2010.

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This award is to recognise and encourage outstanding scientific contributions and innovations in the field of elastomer research. Often known as rubbers, these materials made up of many individual molecules and are stretchable but return to their original shape when released.

On hearing about the award, Dr Busfield said: "I am thrilled to receive this award on behalf of my rubber group, as it rewards all our efforts at doing exciting, interesting and relevant research."

Dr Busfield has been the Head of the Rubber Research Group at Queen Mary since 1994. The group investigates the strength and fatigue life of elastomer components, the friction and abrasion of elastomers, the dynamic behaviour of elastomers, the reinforcing effect of carbon blacks, clays and silica filler in elastomers, the use of nano-structured fillers, fibre reinforced elastomer systems, rubber recycling initiatives and smart rubber materials.

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