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Treason, politics and religion in post-Reformation England

Professor Michael Questier, of Queen Mary’s Department of History, will deliver his inaugural lecture ‘The Cause of this Sudden Execution’ on 17 March, challenging contemporary views of political opposition to the regimes of Elizabeth I and James I.

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Professor Michael Questier
Professor Michael Questier

The lecture will explore the violent side of the confrontation in post-Reformation England between the State and the English Catholic subjects of the last Tudors and first Stuarts.

Professor Questier explained: “I will review high-profile treason prosecutions against Catholics in the post-Reformation era and suggest that, by revisiting this often controversial and distasteful subject, it is possible to re-evaluate some mainstream narratives we currently have for this period.”

After holding posts at Worcester College (Oxford) and King’s College, London, Professor Michael Questier joined Queen Mary as a senior lecturer in history in 2005.

An expert in early modern British politics, Professor Questier has published on topics of post-Reformation history as diverse as aristocratic culture, the experience of conversion, the Jacobean exchequer and anti-popery.

He is currently spearheading a £600,000 AHRC study on English convents exiled on the Continent during and after the Reformation.

The lecture ‘The Cause of this Sudden Execution’ will take place on 17 March at 6.30pm in the Skeel Lecture Theatre, Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS.

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