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Queen Mary reveals unmissable line-up for Arts Week 2009

Acclaimed film director Mike Leigh, OBE, is just one of the big name speakers taking part in Arts Week 2009 - Queen Mary’s biennial celebration of the Humanities, Social Sciences and Law.

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Performing Medicine are on the bill at Arts Week 2009
Performing Medicine are on the bill at Arts Week 2009
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<div class="rxbodyfield" xmlns:o="" xmlns:st1="" xmlns:st2="" xmlns:w="" xmlns:x=""><p>Running from Monday 27 to Thursday 30 April, Arts Week is expected to draw more than 1,000 visitors to its hotly anticipated schedule of events, showcasing the very best the sector has to offer.<br /><br />This year&#8217;s four-day line-up boasts an exciting series of lectures, discussions, performances and workshops looking at the visual and performing arts, books and publishing, contemporary history, politics, law, medicine and ethics.<br /><br />Eminent participants include Secrets and Lies director Mike Leigh; the Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger; Sir Brian McMasters, former Director of the Edinburgh International Festival; as well as prominent College faculty members.</p><p>Professor Trevor Dadson, Vice-Principal of the Humanities and Social Sciences explained: &#8220;Since the first Arts Week in 2005, the reputation of this flagship festival, the only one of its kind in higher education, has burgeoned, and continues to attract noteworthy participants from other top institutions, and the arts, publishing, business and the legal profession.&#8221;<br /></p><div class="rx_ephox_inlinevariant" contenteditable="false" inlinetype="rxvariant" rxinlineslot="105" rxselectedtext="" sys_dependentid="11905" sys_dependentvariantid="825" sys_folderid="7999" sys_relationshipid="45460" sys_siteid="378"><div class="inline_img_left"><img alt="Mike Leigh (Simon Mein &#169; Thin Man Films Ltd)" class="box" contenteditable="false" height="190" src=";sys_siteid=378&amp;sys_authtype=0&amp;sys_contentid=11905&amp;sys_variantid=506&amp;sys_command=preview&amp;sys_folderid=7999&amp;sys_context=0" unselectable="on" width="150" /><br contenteditable="false" unselectable="on" /> <span class="sbcaption" contenteditable="false" unselectable="on">Mike Leigh (Simon Mein &#169; Thin Man Films Ltd)</span></div></div><p><br />&#8220;Having come top in several Humanities and Social Sciences subjects in the recent Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), Queen Mary is now leading the field nationally, so it is important for us to share our expertise and academic achievements with audiences beyond the university arena - Arts Week is the perfect platform to engage with local communities, as well as national and international colleagues, partners and associates.&#8221;</p><p>In the spirit of the previous Arts Weeks, which ran in 2005 and 2007, the College has planned a stimulating programme of more than 15 events for 2009. For details, visit: <a href=" " target="_blank"></a> or call the Events Office on 020 7882 5147.</p></div>
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