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Entry requirements for Pre-Sessional English programmes

Entry requirements for On Campus Pre-Sessional English programmes

Entry requirements for Pre-Sessional English programmes studied on campus (onsite) can be found under the relevant academic school section in the following webpages:

English language requirements

Step by step guide to retrieve the requirements from the above weblink:

  1. Select the relevant section from: ‘Undergraduate English Requirements’, ‘Postgraduate English Requirements’ or ‘Postgraduate Research English Requirements’.
  2. Select the relevant academic school and you will be first presented with the language requirements for direct entry. Under this academic school section, scroll further below to find the Pre-Sessional requirements.

For on campus Pre-Sessional English programmes, you will normally be required to present a Secure English Language Test (SELT) and the requirements section mentioned above will list the SELTs we can consider, for example: IELTS (UKVI approved versions), PTE Academic (UKVI).

In some instances, we may not require a SELT for the on campus courses – more details below.

NOTE: Due to Covid19 our on campus Pre-Sessional programmes for 2021 have been replaced by online courses. We can accept a wider range of English language tests and qualifications for our online courses (see below for details).

Entry requirements for Online Pre-Sessional English programmes

The minimum standard of English you must demonstrate (English language entry requirement) for our online Pre-Sessional English programmes will be the same as the on campus programmes, so please follow above for the requirements for each academic school.

However, for online Pre-Sessional programmes you do not necessarily need to have SELT (as you may do for on campus Pre-Sessional programmes), and therefore, we may be able to consider a wider range of tests. We have set out more details below.

Entry requirements for Pre-Sessional programmes where a SELT is not required

You do not need a Secure English Language Test (SELT) if you are intending to study one of our Pre-Sessional English language programmes that are delivered entirely online.

For scenarios where a SELT is not required, we can accept a wider range of tests, in addition to the SELTs that can be found in this webpage. We have listed some of the common non-SELT tests that we can consider in the table below - please note the levels outlined for these are benchmarked against the IELTS test.

Table showing some common tests and their equivalency with IELTS.

To summarise: the requirements will be in this webpage and they will be articulated in IELTS form, and the corresponding score for tests below will need to be mapped with each required component:


= to IELTS 4.0

= to IELTS 4.5

= to IELTS 5.0

= to IELTS 5.5

= to IELTS 6.0

= to IELTS 6.5

= to IELTS 7.0


42 (L7; S16; R8; W12)

52 (L11; S18; R12; W14)

62 (L15; S19; R16; W16)

72 (L17; S20; R18; W17)

79 (L18; S21; R19; W21)

92 (L21; S23; R22; W24)

100 (L22; S25; R24; W27) 

PTE Academic (UKVI)

30 (L,S,R,W = 30)

36 (L,S,R,W = 36)

42 (L,S,R,W = 42)

51 (L,S,R,W=51)

57 (L,S,R,W=57)

62 (L,S,R,W=62)

68 (L,S,R,W=68)

PTE Academic

30 (L,S,R,W = 30)

36 (L,S,R,W = 36)

42 (L,S,R,W = 42)

51 (L,S,R,W=51)

57 (L,S,R,W=57)

62 (L,S,R,W=62)

68 (L,S,R,W=68)

 Key for the table:

L = Listening

S = Speaking

R = Reading

W = Writing

For a more thorough list of English Language tests that we may be able to consider where a SELT is not required can be found on our Alternative Qualifications webpage.

Please get in touch with the Admissions Office ( if you want advice on Pre-Sessional English entry requirements that are not covered here.

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