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Mohammad Alshdaifat

 Mohammad Alshdaifat

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I graduated from Queen Mary University of London in July 2014 holding a BEng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. It was three years I enjoyed and I remember.

I chose to do my undergraduate degree at Queen Mary after I experienced the student life in Leicester when I did my foundation year at the university of Leicester. My decision of moving to Queen Mary was based on the fact that I want to live the busy student life of the capital.  

My experience at Queen Mary was very exciting from day one to graduation day. Throughout the three years, I had the chance to experience the different challenges as a student living in London and to earn friends from different backgrounds while engaging in the different activities and societies.  

QMUL helped me to choose the right career path through learning from the different courses and projects that the degree offers.

It is my pleasure to encourage students from different parts of the world to live and experience the life in Queen Mary and in London.

I would be glad to answer any questions about life in London and in Queen Mary as a Jordanian student.

Feel free to contact me!

Mohammad Alshdaifat