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 Elnaz Kashef

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I am Elnaz T. Kashef, a Business and Management graduate at Queen Mary University of London. I have studied MSc International Management with Finance. Queen Mary was my first experience studying abroad and I was very overwhelmed about studying in another language at this level. However, I could not imagine a more multi-cultural class of finance and management; seeing so many students from different countries and diverse background gave me the confidence that I can become successful if teaming up with so many talented young people from around the globe. This was the very fist advantage that made me entirely happy from my decision to study at QMUL. I have also got the support I needed in English by attending the pre-Master's course which helped me to master writing and presentation skills, both essential for my studies.

I should also mention the wonderful campus of Mile end. The accommodation was right at the heart of the campus, close to the library and a range of amenities. Because of the intensive year we had ahead, time was a valuable asset and living on campus was a huge help. My classmates and I spent late nights studying at the library, preparing for cassignments and exams and we had everything we needed within our reach; you can't ask for more.

Queen Mary university has a world class teaching resources too. I remember all my lecturers were considerably knowledgeable and well-established in their field and provided a fascinating learning environment. They dedicated time out of classroom to help students throughout the course and to provide guidance and advice on additional things to do in order to graduate successfully.

I am currently a final year PhD student in Economics of Education, consultant at Sabin Business and Economics Group in Tehran and developing my own business in international education. I am more than happy to spend time with the prospective students who wish to study at QMUL, to offer guidance and also give out tips about living in London and the unique opportunity it brings in itself.