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Dalibor Valincic

 Dalibor Valincic

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I graduated in 2009 with a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree at Queen Mary's School of International Arbitration. I chose to study at Queen Mary due to School's excellent reputation in the international legal community. However, the real experience of studying at Queen Mary exceeded my expectations. Most of all, I liked the practical side of the academic approach and the opportunity to learn from the real-life experience shared by the practicing experts. This was the first time in my life that I saw so many top-grade practitioners teaching students in a very open and casual atmosphere. The additional classes offered to students were equally impressive. Legal writing and research classes had enormous benefits to students coming from abroad.

The non-academic, social experience of studying at Queen Mary does not fall behind its academic counterpart either. One gets an opportunity of living in a very diverse community of students coming from literally every part of the world. In addition, the experience of living in a city such as London is second to none.

Studying at Queen Mary was definitely one of the best decisions I made and I would encourage anyone interested in studying at a true international centre to make the same choice.