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South Asia Early Career Researchers’ Workshop: Day 1

When: Monday, June 20, 2022, 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Where: First Floor Sofa Room Department W, 81 Mile End Road, Queen Mary University of London, London, E1 4UJ

A two-day workshop organised by the UCL South Asia Network, the UCL Global Engagement Fund, and the QMUL Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences



1015-1215 PANEL 1

Chair: Aparna Kumar

Surajkumar THUBE, ‘Satyashodhak Jalsas: A Musical Awakening’

Hussain S. JASANI, ‘Muslim Religious Lyrical Literature from South Asia: Translating Emotions across the Indian Ocean Region’

Koonal DUGGAL, ‘A Movement of Images in the Political ‘Underground’: Communist Periodicals and Visual Practices in 1960-90s Punjab’

Mohona REZA, ‘Modernism, Politics and Search for Identity’

1215-1315 LUNCH

1315-1515 PANEL 2

Chair: Majed Akhter

Heena ANSARI, ‘Mobility and Servitude: Domestic Servants during the Nawab-ruled Awadh (1720s-1850s)’

Shankar NAIR, ‘Development of Unorganised and Small-Scale Industries in Late Colonial India (1900-1945)’

Shikha DILAWRI, ‘On the “Worldmaking” of Vernacular Capitalists: Tracing Entanglements Between Race, Caste, and Capital’

Jennie DOYLE, Interrogating Wills as Financial Intermediaries: The Emotional Politics of Documents in the Context of Inter-Generational and Transnational Wealth Transfer

Sunayana GANGULY, ‘Discard and Donation: Throwing away among the Middle Classes in Bangalore’

1515-1530 COFFEE

1530-1745 PANEL 3

Chair: Taylor Sherman

Chakraverti MAHAJAN, ‘Sufis, Sufism and Shared Sacred Spaces: Violence and Limits of Conviviality in Jammu and Kashmir’

Leoni CONNAH, ‘How Do the Kashmiri Diaspora Community in the UK Relate to the Conflict?’

Maliha AHMED, ‘Bangladesh’s Path to Recognition, 1971-1975’

Ida Roland BIRKVAD, ‘Encounters of the Uncanny: Aryanism in Ninteenth-Century Indian Occultism’

Jaffer ABID, ‘Rethinking Muslim Self and Society in Colonial India: The Politics of Shibli Nu’mani’


Markus DAESCHEL, ‘Magic and modernity in late colonial Punjab’ 

Abstracts ECR workshop South Asia 20-21 June 2022 [DOC 38KB]

Speakers Bios ECR Workshop South Asia 20-21 June 2022 [DOC 22KB]

About the Organisers

Tariq Jazeel and Jagjeet Lally, UCL Centre for the Study of South Asia and the Indian Ocean World (CSSA)
Layli Uddin and Philippa Williams, QMUL South Asia Forum (SAF)

Supported by the UCL South Asia Network, the UCL Global Engagement Fund, and the QMUL Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences

There are a few spots available for the daytime workshops so if people want to come please can they get in touch with Dr Philippa Williams or Dr Layli Uddin.

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