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Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean - Who we are

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Dr Sam Halvorsen is Senior Lecturer in Human Geography. He was previously a research fellow at the University of Cambridge and the University of Buenos Aires. He is interested in the relationship between grassroots urban politics and territory, particularly in Latin America, having previously published widely on Occupy London. Since 2015 he has been researching political parties and local governance in Buenos Aires. He is chair and founder of the Latin American Geographies in the UK Research Network (LAG-UK). Recent publications include: ‘Mobilising Territory: Socio-territorial movements in comparative perspective’, (Annals of the Association of American Geographers, co-authored with Bernardo Mançano Fernandes and Fernanda Torres);; 'Cartographies of epistemic expropriation: critical reflections on learning from the South’, (Geoforum, 2018) and ‘Decolonising territory: Dialogues with Latin American knowledges and grassroots strategies’ (Progress in Human Geography, 2018).


Dr Holly Eva Ryan is Senior Lecturer at the School of Politics and International Relations. Her research sits at the intersections of visual and international politics. It has a particular emphasis on the relationship between aesthetics, power and the political practice of non state actors - artists, social movements and NGOs - in Latin America and beyond. Dr Ryan's first book 'Political Street Art: Communication, Culture and Resistance in Latin America', examined the relationship between street art and social change in Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina. Beyond street art, she has written on a variety of topics including indigenous peoples’ rights, collective memory, and social movements. For the past few years, Dr Ryan has been working on an ESRC New Investigator funded project exploring international friendship, solidarity and the practice of ‘twinning’ (hermanamiento). Countries of interest: Guyana, Colombia, Nicaragua, Brazil, Argentina (among others). She is working on a new book, "Between Friends" which examines the place of 'friendship' in international politics.



Honorary President

Professor James Dunkerley


We currently have over 70 members based within and beyond Queen Mary University. At QMUL we currently have active members in the schools of: Geography, Politics and IR, HIstory, Languages, Linguistics and Film, Law, as well as in the Blizard Institute. The list of our members is the following:

Steering Committee:
Dr Noam Maggor (School of History)
Professor Paul Heritage (School of English and Drama)
Dr Francois Gerard (SEF)
Prof Elsa Vieira (SLLF)
Dr Isadora Cruxen (SBM)
Dr Alexis Alvarez-Nakagawa (Law)

Associate Members:
Dr Felipe Gonzalez (SEF)
Dr Pedro Souza (SEF)
Dr Valentina Aparicio (SED)
Dr Jessica Sklair (SBM)
Dr Paula Serafini (SBM)
Dr Kyla Sankey (SBM)
Dr Ana Laura Zavala Guillén (SoG)
Dr Javier Sajuria (SPIR)
Dr Rowan Lubbock (SPIR)
Dr Archie Davies (SoG)
Dr Sofia Collignon (SPIR)
Dr Molly Avery (History)
Professor James Dunkerley (SPIR)
Dr Adam Elliot Cooper (SPIR)

Dr Raffaele Bazurli (SoG/SPIR)
Dr Amber Marks (Law)
Dr Angela Sherwood (Law)
Dr Stefania Rainaldi Redon (Law)
Dr Thomas Macmanus (Law)
Dr Felipe Antunes de Oliveira (SPIR)

PhD Students:
Sofia Negri (SoG)
Victoria Elena Leon-Porath (SPIR-SoG)
Melisa Slep (SoG)
Thiago Jesus (SED-SoG)
Carlos Cruz Mosquera (SPIR)
Pablo (Kinti) Orrellana (SPIR)
Antonio Leon Fernandez (SEF)
Laura Cervera (SEF)
Giulia Tozzi (SEF)
Deanna Lyn Cook (SED)
Fernando Arturo Quintana Carreno (Law)
Laura Maghetiu (SBM)


If you are interested in signing up and receiving regular updates on events and opportunities via our mailing list please get in touch with a member of the Steering Committee.


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