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School of Geography

The Geographical Association, East London Branch: Roundtable on 'Doing fieldwork in London'

28 January 2015

Time: 5:00 - 6:30pm
Venue: Geography building, Room 126

This event will address the challenges of doing fieldwork in London through a panel discussion with John Widdowson, Urban Geography East London and Professor Geraldene Wharton, Queen Mary University of London School of Geography.

Join us to consider ways of constructing field inquiries, share ideas of good practice and think about possible field sites in the capital – particularly in light of new requirements for A Level Geography.


John Widdowson
John has taught geography in east London for many years and written a number of textbooks for secondary schools. He is co-editor of the Geographical Association's successful series, KS3 Geography Teachers' Toolkit. In 2009 John began running fieldwork visits in east London for schools, many of them attracted by the 2012 Olympics. Since the Games in 2012 they have launched a web site, with a range of fieldwork programmes which are offered all around east London. The project attracts schools from a wide area, including London, the south-east and other parts of the country.

Professor Geraldene Wharton
Geraldene is a Professor of Physical Geography and a Chartered Geographer (Geomorphology) with over 25 years’ research experience in hydrogeomorphology and hydroecology. She is a former Director and Chair of the UK River Restoration Centre and is currently on the Board of the London Waterway Partnership, part of the Canal & River Trust and working with the Environment Agency to develop their Urban River Survey. Through her research and teaching Geraldene has a wealth of experience and ideas for practical and pragmatic approaches to doing physical geography in the city.

See Geraldene's profile

Alice Mollison, Head of Geography, James Allen Girls' School, South London
Alice has been a teacher for 12 years and the HOD at James Allen's Girls' School for 5 years. Prior to teaching she worked in the advertising industry for several years. She is a Chartered Geographer and has written several articles for the GCSE Wide World magazine. Alice loves delivering her own fieldwork, with experience of running various trips to East London, Dorset, Kent, East Sussex and the Gower.

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