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School of Geography

Reflecting on the Argentine Elections

1 November 2019 - 1 November 2020

Time: 3:00 - 5:00pm
Venue: Bancroft Building 2.07 (City Seminar Room), Mile End Road, E1 4NS

Reflecting on the Argentine Elections

Organised by the Queen Mary Latin American Network (QMLAN) and the Argentina Research Network (ARN).

This roundtable seminar will provide an opportunity to reflect on the 2019 Argentine elections in the context of multi-disciplinary research interests. Taking place just days after the general election (when a President may or may not have been decided) we will explore some of the broader political dynamics that have unfolded in the previous months and years in local, national and international context. How can we make sense of the results of 27th October? What new coalitions have emerged and how might they shape Argentine politics in the years to come? What is the relationship between candidates, political parties and non-electoral organisations such as social movements? What do the elections tells us about the state of democracy in Argentina? More broadly, to what extent do the results support regional trends and what particularities does the Argentine case present?

The roundtable will feature short, 10-minute papers followed by discussion.

  • Mariano Féliz (UNLP/CONICET): “Argentina’s transitional crisis turns political”
  • Juan Grigera (KCL): “Crisis and the foreign debt in the conjuncture of elections”
  • Sam Halvorsen (QMUL): “The City of Buenos Aires: continuities and ruptures in the 2019 elections”
  • Marcela López Levy (Birkbeck:) “Peronist resurgence or anti-Peronist disarray? Speaking ‘reality' in the imagined country of the middle class.”
  • Carla Torres (York): “New Social Movements and the neoliberal turn: Meeting the demands of the poor?”
  • Luciana Zorzoli (SOAS/CONICET): “Macri’s years and the labour movement, what is new?”
  • Chair: Javier Sajuria (QMUL)

 No need to register, but for further info contact: Sam Halvorsen,

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