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School of Geography

A series of short lectures by current undergraduates on their dissertation research

17 October 2018

Time: 4:30 - 5:45pm
Venue: Geography Building, Room 226, Mile End campus

QMGS committee 2018-19, L-R: Oliver Walker, Joanna Watts, Danial Naqvi, Rebecca Dixon, Kendra Gattiker, Livia van Heerde, Catarina da Silva Neves

A series of short lectures by a selection of our current third-year undergraduate students on their dissertation research. These comprise Danial on 'The Urban identity of Fort Worth, USA', Oli on 'How the Globalisation of Football has changed West Ham United', Kendra on 'Modelling the effect of climate on Swiss avalanches', and Livia on 'Plastic bottle pollution in the River Thames'.

There will be opportunities to ask questions and find out more about how to carry out and write up research in both physical and human geography. This will be especially of interest to A-level students thinking about or currently tackling their A-level individual investigation, and will include useful case study material to add breadth and depth to A-level study, as well as inspire and motivate younger students about the realities of university level study. 

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