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School of Geography

School of Geography at QMUL

A reputation - 125 years in the making

At Queen Mary University of London, we believe that a diversity of ideas helps us achieve the previously unthinkable.

Founded in 1894, the School of Geography is one of the oldest in the UK. Throughout our history, world-class and politically engaged research has fed into our teaching which, in turn, examines some of the most serious dangers facing our planet and society. Working side-by-side, students and researchers from a diversity of backgrounds examine topics such as climate change, sustainability, global health, ecology and biodiversity.

Our work has yielded significant breakthroughs for social justice on a local and national level. We are proud of having led the research for the Living Wage campaign, which revealed how decent wages could save the government £1billion per year on income support in London alone. This campaign has since been instrumental in lifting 15,000 low-wage workers out of poverty. 

Through academic excellence and pioneering research, the School of Geography continues to confront inequality and focus on combatting some of the most pressing global challenges. In doing so, we are able to achieve the unthinkable – and inspire our students to do the same.

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