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The Eizaguirre Lab

New group member

New group member: Miles Thorburn

With the new academic year, the group continues growing. Miles is joining us as a PhD-student to strengthen the host-parasite interaction side of the group.

James Bazely

Here is a short introduction he wrote:

"I completed my undergraduate degree in Biology at QMUL, and it was during this time I originally met Chris. Through a module Chris taught, my tentative interest in the unique characteristics of parasites grew into what is now my principal research interest. Once I graduated from QMUL, I undertook a research master at UCL. The MRes served as a means of testing other research fields I found interesting, and of gaining a broad range of skills currently used in biological research. It was during this year I completed a research project evaluating global biodiversity trends at the Institute of Zoology, and another project investigating Antarctic lake microbial mat community composition across a depth gradient at the Natural History Museum. Completing both projects reinforced my interests to pursue a career in evolutionary biology and parasites research. 
Because this research project is not attached to a specific grant, the aims of this project are free to change as Chris and I see fit. This offers the exciting opportunity to further explore my research interests using an impressive data set, currently consisting of 60 fully sequenced three-spined stickleback genomes. For now, I’m just hoping I can match Chris’ enthusiasm for the data set he has presented to me."
Starting from genomic screens and then experimentally testing emerging hypotheses, the project will help us better understand complex host-parasite interactions from genes to ecosystems. 
Welcome Miles!
PS: We are all very excited about the idea of using the new fish room also for this project! 



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