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The Eizaguirre Lab

Ecological Consultancy

Our group builds on his cumulative experience in ecological survey, marine conservation, fisheries, as well as knowledge of advanced molecular and ecological techniques, including genomics, environmental DNA or stable isotopes. We are a pro-active team with advanced statistical/quantitative knowledge which helps us resolve complex problems. Past experience includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Establishing/evaluating community-based conservation programmes;
  2. Evaluating the effects of mitigation strategies on fisheries;
  3. Ecological impact assessment;
  4. Marine mammal observation;
  5. Advising aquaculture industries against disease spread;
  6. Environmental DNA for species detection / invasive species;
  7. Public engagement activities.


With our breadth and depth of experience, we offer an independent scientific view and provide pragmatic advice to complex ecological problems.

Contact us if you think we can help you.


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