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The Eizaguirre Lab

New group member

New group member: Leila Fouda

We are really happy to announce the arrival of a new PhD student, Leila Fouda. Leila joins us from the fourth cohort of the London NERC DTP. She will be working as part of our loggerhead turtle contingent.

Leila Fouda

Here is a short introduction she wrote:

“I completed my undergraduate degree in Marine Biology at the University of St. Andrews. During my time at St. Andrews I cultivated my interest in marine megafauna and their ecology. After graduation, I did a number of internships and research assistantships in marine mammal science from the Pacific Northwest to Hawaii and New Zealand, developing field skills and deepening my interests of marine sciences. I completed my MSc in Conservation Science at Imperial College London where I investigated the shipping noise of individual vessels in critical whale habitat in British Columbia. This led to five years working for variety of organisations sometimes at the interface of research and conservation and others purely focused science. Now as I start my PhD I am excited for this new adventure incorporating stable isotopes and genetics to study the feeding ecology of loggerhead turtles in Cape Verde and hope that my research can inform the conservation plans of the future”. Leila will also be co-supervised by Dr. Gail Schofield
We are all looking forward to the upcoming field season. But until then, we wish Leila a lot of success for her PhD. 
Welcome Leila!



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