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The Eizaguirre Lab

New Comer

This month, the group expands again with new NERC DTP students. Here we welcome Charley and here are a few words from her: 


Eugenie (Charley) Yen

Hi! My name is Eugenie, but everyone calls me by my childhood nickname Charley. I am joining Queen Mary University of London with a PhD scholarship from the London NERC DTP. My project will involve using genome-wide approaches to investigate the adaptive potential of endangered loggerhead sea turtles under global warming, by assessing the genomic/epigenomic underpinnings of locally adaptive, thermal responses. Previously, I completed an undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, followed by an MPhil in Zoology at the same university. My MPhil project was on the genomic basis of an aposematic colour polymorphism in the wood tiger moth. This led to a keen interest in the field of evolutionary genomics, which I am now excited to apply to a PhD project with strong conservation implications.





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