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Degree Apprenticeships

Benefits of Degree Apprenticeships

Find out more about the benefits of taking part in a degree apprenticeship, and hear from those who have previously taken part.

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  • Graduate from a Russell Group University - With a degree apprenticeship, you will receive a fully awarded degree and have a graduation ceremony along with other QMUL graduates. 
  • Practical experience - As an apprentice, you get to work alongside experienced professionals throughout your programme, gaining useful work experience while completing your studies. You will have the advantage of putting the theory learnt in the classroom to practical experience in the workplace. 
  • Earn while you learn - All degree apprentices earn a competitive salary throughout the duration of the programme. 
  • No debt - Your tuition fees are fully funded by the government and your employer, meaning you will not need to take out a tuition fee loan. 
  • Career prospects - Data published by the UK Government showed that after finishing their apprenticeship, 77 per cent of apprentices stay with the same employer, 46 per cent received a pay rise, and 36 per cent reported getting a promotion. This is in addition to the graduate premium of £100,000+ lifetime comparative earnings against those without a degree. 

In Conversation with Our UK Technology Degree Apprentices

Goldman Sachs, Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprentices.

The university has been a great help with allocating an advisor to support us through any issues we face during term time. Whilst at Morgan Stanley, we are given buddies and mentors. I have monthly catch ups with my mentor, to ask for advice or talk about any worries or concerns. It’s also helpful to leverage the advice of students who have completed the apprenticeship programmes before us.
— Nitya Katkoria, Morgan Stanley Apprentice
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